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In Order For Your Life to Change,

You Must

Take Risks!

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Meet Ricky Andrade

Entrepreneur, Creator of Multiple 7 Figure Businesses,

Investor and educator

Ricky Andrade (24 year old) quit his job to become a full-time entrepreneur in April of 2015, clueless with where his life was going and with a limited amount of money in his pocket. He decided to invest in himself through reading and mentoring. He started off learning from other successful people, books, in-person events, and online. He tested different forms of mentorship, and found that some worked while others didn’t. He learned how to make multiple 7-figures from Forex, Stocks, Real Estate, Mentoring, and Affiliate Marketing. He has tested each niche for trial and error before finally perfecting his money making strategies, teaching students from all around the world.

With all of that knowledge and more available to you, there comes a choice. You too now have the opportunity to invest in yourself, just as Ricky Andrade did 3 years ago when he was starting out.


"Invest in Yourself, You're Worth It!" -Ricky Andrade

From Rags to Riches

April 11, 2016, on his 21st birthday, he quit his job.

Quit his job to pursue entrepreneurship.

You see the life now, with the designer and cash and limitless lifestyle.

But what you may not realize is that at one point Ricky Andrade was the most normal, unmotivated, average guy.

His story is a true story of rags to riches.

Fixing dishwashers, being surrounded by work he did not want to be doing, pushing off quitting his job because he was scared to take that leap. The best part of his day was that he got a free boba from a restraint he serviced.

He hated it.

He drove a 2014 Mazda 3 which was the best he can get at the time, living in a small one bedroom apartment (that he only slept in because he was working all day long) , eating frozen dinners and only rarely being able to go out with his girlfriend at the time.

Now living a limitless lifestyle and purchasing my dream 6 figure car in full and driving his Dream car (Lamborghini Hurrican) living in his dream high-rise apartment.


After speaking with Ricky Andrade, he has shared his formula to his success...


Thoughts lead to Feelings
Feelings lead to Actions
Action = Results

He focused on positivity and having daily actionable tasks in creating with being a business owner and investor. (The 5%)

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“Ricky changed my life! He is the best. He takes his time with his students. I can go on and on but he is definitely the best!”

Xavier King

Forex Trader

“Thank you Ricky for helping me get connected to the community and helping me with personal development. I'm now able to buy the designer stuff I've been wanting.”

Forex Trader

“Not only did he have knowledge in forex but he has other people to network with that helped take me to the next level. I put $1k and made it to $5k in one month! I'm looking to make now $1k a day”

Keegan Palmer

Forex Trader


Let’s Connect

Phone Number:  (949) 979-4882  /     Email: [email protected]  

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